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The Institute has been conceived with the idea of making our youth employable by providing employability skills into their curriculum. With the opening of a large variety of career options and corresponding educational opportunities, caused by rapid technological growth and globalization, the practice of education becomes more career specific. The work place has become more diverse. Environmental concerns and regulations are affecting strategies and bottom lines. Organizations are becoming precise and more flexible. National companies are becoming multinational and their markets and the way they source their products, are becoming increasingly global.

The practice of management has changed and its pace has accelerated. The time has come now to establish new paradigms for education. There is an exhilarating sense of being at the cutting edge in all that we can do. Our new venture is aiming to cop up with the dream of turning India into an industrial hub in Asia. Skilled labours, management experts, effective communicators and specialized trainers are required to achieve our goals. IMTS- is to mould our youth to be adaptable to job requirements. We endeavor to explore new trends and experience the freshness and fragrance of the new world order.

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Scientific and Technical Education Council: Govt. of India

Preparatory Centre – Cambridge University English Program

Pre Medical Course – Medical Career Academy, UK